Instrument Rentals

Metro Gnome Music is locally owned and operated and offers Tucson’s best musical instrument rental program. We have everything you need for back to school! Here are just a few of our advantages!

See below for our list of prices.
  • High Quality Low Cost Brand Name Instruments
  • Free repairs included on all rentals
  • 100% of rent can be applied toward purchase
  • Low purchase prices on rental instruments
  • Rentals starting as low as $11.95/ month
  • No deposit with a major credit card* (Visa/MC)
  • Only a one month rental contract required
  • Name Tag included with every rental
  • Huge Selection of Accessories & Books
  • Optional protection plan against theft or loss

*A two month refundable deposit is required with a Visa/MC debit card.

Metro Gnome Music allows 100% of your rent to go toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting, or one of equal or greater value from our rental stock. We only require one month’s rent up front*, and take care of all repairs due to normal wear and tear for free during your rental contract. An optional protection plan against theft is available for between $2-$5 / month depending on the instrument.


Band Instruments

        Alto Saxophone:                        $31.95-$44.95/mo

        Bell Kit:                                        $11.95-$15.95/mo

        Bell Combo Kit (Drum & Bells):        $26.95/mo

        Baritone/Euphonium:                $26.95-39.95/mo

        Clarinet:                                      $12.95-$16.95/mo

        Flute:                                           $12.95-$16.95/mo

        French Horn:                              $26.95-$36.95/mo

        Oboe:                                          $15.95-$26.95/mo

        Piccolo:                                       $14.95-$16.95/mo

        Snare Drum:                                $11.95-$15.95/mo

        Tenor Saxophone:                      $31.95-$44.95/mo

        Trumpet:                                      $12.95-$16.95/mo

        Trombone:                                   $12.95-$16.95/mo

Intermediate / Pro level instruments also available for rent.  Call for price and availability.

Orchestra Instruments

Metro Gnome Music rents violins, violas, cellos, and basses in all sizes. If you are not sure what size you need feel free to come in and we will help fit the right violin to you or your child. 100% of your rent can be applied toward the purchase price of the instrument you are renting, or one of equal or greater value in our rental stock.  We stock only high quality European made instruments.  No cheap Chinese instruments here!

Violins:    $12.95-$16.95/mo

Violas:    $12.95-$16.95/mo

Cellos:    $21.95-$39.95/mo

Basses:    $49.95/mo

Step Up NEW Violins:               $26.95/mo  Upper level Romanian made Knilling violins



Acoustic Guitars

Metro Gnome Music rents Alvarez acoustic guitars. We have both steel string and nylon string models available.

Dreadnought (Steel String):    $15.95/mo

Classical (Nylon String):    $15.95/mo