Music & Movies


You asked for it, and now we carry it! Metro Gnome Music is now your source for Vinyl in Tucson. We now have an extensive selection of Vinyl from rock, to classical, to jazz. Thousands or records are now in stock. Bring in your old vinyl for cash or trade.

If you are having trouble with your old record player, you can bring it in and the Stereo Hospital in the back of our building can get you listening to your favorite tunes again. They can do everything from replacing your needle to rebuilding your record player.

Digital Video Discs (DVDs)

Metro Gnome Music offers a wide variety of used DVDs of all types. With DVDs averaging $5 each (as cheap as $1.99) there’s no reason to rent again. We also have a large collection of movie and TV boxsets.

Tired of your old DVDs? Bring them in and sell them for CASH or trade them for something new.


Metro Gnome Music also carries a wide variety of used Blu-Ray movies of all genres. Save money over the new prices and get your favorite movie used in High-Def.

Tired of your old Blu-Rays? Bring them in and sell them for CASH or trade them for something new.

Compact Discs (CDs)

While we no longer carry CDs, we can still repair your scratched discs of all types. See more information below!

Disc Repair

Metro Gnome Music offers professional Disc Repair. We can repair and resurface most scratched CDs, DVDs, and even Video Games (disc games). Our resurfacing is done with an industry standard Disc Resurfacing Machine using the OptoClear™ process. Everyday use and handling make the protective plastic layer susceptible to surface scratches and blemishes which can disrupt disc playback. Rather than harmful filling, sanding or cutting away of the protective layer, the OptoClear™ process smoothes and restores this layer. So avoid temporary fixes and get your scratched discs playing again for only $3/disc.